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CRS Lite Edition

The Lite Edition of the Crash Recovery System is a low-priced edition for the small budget. This edition contains static datasheets with the information overview of vehicles without background information. All vehicles with an (optional) airbag are available in the database inclusive transporters, buses and trucks. To select a vehicle in the Lite Edition it is necessary to choose the make, model, bodystyle and modelyear of the vehicle on the self-explaining CRS user interface.

CRS Lite Edition product features list:

  • Access basic vehicle safety information for thousands of vehicles
  • Monthly online updates
  • Low cost solution for small budgets

In contrast to the Crash Recovery System Standard Edition the Lite Edition has some functionality restrictions. The vehicle graphics shown are not interactive, so there are no additional background information and no photos. Not all components shown in the Standard Edition can therefore also be used in the Lite Edition. Therefore, the Lite Edition can be offered for a very low price that meets budget restrictions that may be present.

This is the opening screen of the CRS Lite edition

After selecting 'Cars and Vans' a list with vehicle makes appears.


This is the CRS graphic of the BMW i8



The video below shows how to select a vehicle in the Crash Recovery System.

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