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Exercise scenarios

Exercise scenarios
Below you will find an overview of exercise scenarios that we have compiled to be able to practice emergency response combined with the use of digital vehicle information from the Crash Recovery System. Exercises are based on dutch exercise scenarios.

By clicking on the exercise icon, you can open the exercise in. pdf format, print and use during practice moments. Questions, suggestions or comments? We like to hear it at training@moditech.com.


License plate list Various license plates of cars with different forms of propulsion

List of license plates to be used during practice moments describing the challenge for rescue workers.


Symbols quiz Multiple symbols used in the Crash Recovery System

List of used symbols from the Crash Recovery System. Blank and with description to practice with the indications from the Crash Recovery System.


Exercise scenario 1

Exercise  One-sided accident with electric vehicle

Practice goals:

  • Request accurate information in the CRS (Crash Recovery System)
  • Stabilisation of incident
  • Application of primary and secondary deactivation methods
  • Alternative extrication technique
Icon emergency switch (CRS)
Image dashboard (CRS)
Dutch license plate Renault Kangoo Z.E.


Exercise scenario 2 

Exercise One-sided accident with LPG-powered vehicle

Practice goals:

  • Entering coordinates in the MDT
  • Number plate enquiry in the Crash Recovery System (CRS)
  • Securing a vehicle with a leaking LPG installation
Dutch license plate Audi A3 g-tron CNG 5dr hatchback


Exercise scenario 3

Exercise Accident with a hybrid vehicle with solar panel and body parts made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic

Practice goals:

  • Request accurate information in the CRS

  • Control drive system

  • Disable solar panel

  • Use of the right personal protective equipment

Dutch license plate Toyota Prius 5drs hatchback Electric / Petrol
Icon solar panel (CRS)