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CRS Road Assist editions

Moditech Rescue Solutions BV's mission is to support worldwide emergency services with digital vehicle information during traffic accidents and calamities with modern vehicles. This has resulted in the well-known CRS database for rescue workers, which is already available for 10 years. Due to the increasing number of vehicles with alternative propulsion systems, not only the rescue workers but also road assistance and towing services benefit from specific vehicle information that will allow them to assist quickly and safely.

Vehicle database for Roadside Assistance

To response to this challenge, Moditech Rescue Solutions BV started with the construction of a special database for road assistance and towing services in 2012. In close cooperation with roadside assisters who joined a pilot for five months, the use of vehicle information during road assistance has been tested extensively. 

The results of this pilot have been incorporated into the latest edition of the Crash Recovery System, the 'Road Assist Edition'. This edition of the CRS incorporates all relevant information for roadside assisters, including the latest technology (electric and hybrid vehicles). The database contains all passenger cars and vans introduced  from 2007. The interactive top and side view show all relevant items such as the battery, tow hook, (electrical) parking brake and locations such as the fuse box in one overview. In case of a hybrid or electric vehicle, the roadside assister is notified immediately with deactivation procedures after selection of the vehicle. Additional information can be easily accessed by clicking on the various components in the diagram.

For the Dutch marketing and sales of the CRS Road Assist Edition, Moditech Rescue Solutions BV has established an exclusive partnership with Bergingswereld BV in the Netherlands. The CRS Road Assist Edition is available in nineteen languages equipped with our European database. With this development, digital vehicle information has become available for an important other member of the emergency services besides the rescue workers: the roadside assisters. The CRS Road Assist Edition enables them to assist at today's vehicles in a quick and safe way.